Design Parameter of Steel Structure in STAAD Pro

Design Parameter of Steel Structure

Staad pro software used for design of concrete, steel, timber and aluminum structure. In this blog I will share the parameter and things which should be care while designing of steel structure.

For correct and accurate design and analysis we should care following area.

  • Geometry

Modelling of structure as per actual condition. Required check list? Here it is, Length of the member, Units, Global and local axis. Furthermore check duplicate node and beam.

  • Properties

Assign materials properties as per requirements. Check for correct member properties and member orientation.

  • Materials

Assign material as per design criteria, need to check yield strength (fy) and ultimate strength (Fu).

  • Specification

Member specification is really very important thing for accurate analysis of the structure. For example if we add member as bracing so we need to assign that member “truss” specification so that it will take only Compression and tension force. Generally in steel structure RELEASE, TRUSS and OFFSET used for simulate the structure.

  • Support condition

As per given support condition we need to assign correct support for true simulate the structure. Generally engineers used only pin and fixed support condition which is not true at all. We need to create new support by FIXED BUT and ENFORCED BUT options.

  • Load, Load combinations and Envelops

Add basic load case as per structure requirements, like Dead load with 10 or 20 percentage contingency, live load, Seismic load, wind load etc..Define load combination with correct factor as per code provision.Define envelop for strength and serviceability for design check.

  • Design (Parameter)

In design we have to provide two type of parameter as per strength and serviceability check requirements.Following parameter for strength check:

  • Code
  • FU
  • FYLD
  • KY for strength check (Column)
  • KZ for strength check (Column)
  • LY for strength check (Beam)
  • LZ for strength check (Beam)
  • BEAM

Following parameter for serviceability check:

  • FU
  • FYLD
  • DJI
  • DJ2
  • DFF
  • CAN

This is basic parameter for design check for strength and deflection. Please let me know if I miss mentioning it.

For correct and accurate design and analysis we should care following area.

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