Certificate of Learning or COL is presented by SS eAcademy to any learner as an appreciation of their effort in completion of the enrolled course. COL is unique and issued to the learner after 100% completion of the enrolled course.

COL is valuable while presenting it to the employers at the time of the interview or it can also be used for any other official / personal purpose as a validation of Interest in specific area of expertise. COL is a Non-Evaluated Certificate and does not guarantee the qualification or merit of any learner for the enrolled course. COL is a skill Certificate and does not guarantee you any employment or contract unless the skill is verified by the employers or Institutions. SS eAcademy has not affiliated itself with any Government Bodies or Employment Institution to present the certificate of learning.


How important is the Certificate of Learning for my Career?

COL stands as a strong factor during your employment process. As you have acquired skills, it is important to have official confirmation from the respective authorities on the same. SS eAcademy in issues COL to all those learners who have completed 100% learning of their course. We don't take a guarantee for learners who may have skipped learning modules intentionally. It is important to complete your enrolled course 100% so as to be called skilled in the respective domain of your interest area.

Is there an expiry of my COL?

Learning doesn’t expire so does our certificate. COL doesn’t have an expiry date and is available for a lifetime to view, download & share. Yes, the certificate and skill might need an up-gradation if there is a new version of your domain available in the industry. We recommend you to constantly keep upgrading yourself on the same domain/ vertical/ skill.

I did not download my certificate after completing my course. How can I take it?

No worries. Go to My SS eAcademy and access the ‘Download Certificate’ section to claim all your found COL. You can also visit the “My Courses” section to view your certificates under respective courses.

What happens to my COL if the Course I have enrolled in gets updated?

You will be notified in this case via app & web notification and email. Depending on the type of update for your course, COL will be issued. You have to go through the updated chapters to receive the latest COL. If you choose not to follow up, you will still have access to previous claimed COL.

Can the Certificate of Learning help me get a job?

Our focus at SS eAcademy is to help you Upgrade on latest Industry relevant skills which will help you become Industry ready. COL should be shared with the employer to let them know details about your acquired skill. However, SS eAcademy or COL does not provide employment directly in any format.

How can Employers validate My Certificates?

Employers or Institutions can verify your certificate of learning by unique serial number on your certificate copy.

Whom can I reach if I have an Issue related to My COL?

You can always reach us via WhatsApp / Call / Email support channels for Learners. You can find below the details for the same:
WhatsApp / Call: +91 84691 55355
Email: hello@sseacademy.com

305, 3rd Floor, Vashisth Vanijyam, Near V.V.Nagar Railway Station, Vallabh Vidyanagar ,Anand - 388 120
Call us Now : +91 8469 155 355
Email : hello@sseacademy.com
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