How to Add Node in STAAD pro and Basic of Node

Add Node in STAAD pro and Basic of Node

What is Node in FEM

Node is simply defined as a point. A point where boundary condition applied, Stiffness of structure are changed, materials discontinuities, Geometrical discontinuities etc..

How to add node in STAAD Pro Software.

1. Add node by coordinate method

Add node co ordinate at data area, you will find generated node at model view area. This method use for big and complex structure.

2. Snap and grid method

Select Beam Grid option from Geometry -> Grid. To add node click anywhere in the structure, click continue for add beam node to node. This is one of the easy methos when structure are small and simple.

3.STAAD Editor

Generally designer use this option when they have spreadsheet for generating geometry. When we have to work similar type of structure then we can develop spreadsheet to generate node and coordinate. For example Transmission tower.To open STAAD Edition, Click to Utility -> Command File


The Add first node number and then Node Coordinate with “;” at last.

Save Command file and you model is generated as per your inputs.

Very important note: For node global axis is local axis. So while you apply nodal load and boundary condition understanding should be clear.

How to change node number in STAAD PRO?Node number is automatically created by STAAD program. However we can change as per our requirements.To change node number, Select node then Click geometry-> Renumber node.

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