PTC CREO Shortcut Keys

Shortcut keys of PTC CREO

February 2019 

In Creo Parametric there are various ways to use tools of Creo Parametric like you can click on the tool directly, you can use ALT+key to select a tool, you can use CTRL+key to activate a tool, or you can use right-click shortcut menu.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Press the combination of CTRL and other keys to activate the respective function as shown below.

  • Regenerate : Ctrl + G
  • New File : Ctrl + N
  • Open File : Ctrl + O
  • Save File : Ctrl + S
  • Find : Ctrl + F
  • Delete : Del
  • Copy : Ctrl + C
  • Paste : Ctrl + V
  • Undo : Ctrl +Z
  • Redo : Ctrl + Y
  • Repaint : Ctrl + R
  • Standard view : Ctrl + D

ALT Key Menu

Press ALT key once while working in any environment of Creo Parametric. The key tips will be displayed, refer to Below Image.

Mouse Functions

Dynamic Viewing

3D Mode:

Hold Down the Key and Button.Drag the Mouse.

2D Mode:

2D & 3D Mode:

Hold Down the Key and Roll the Mouse Wheel.

Mouse Control

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