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Hey hello friends so first of lots of thanks for being here. welcome SS eAcademy today I we are going to talk about the best PC/Computers for CAD (Computer Aided Design) as we know that engineering software are specially design with purpose of calculation, analyzation, simulation, 2D/3D modelling etc. This software’s are so big in the size may be of thousands megabits. Which require so good ram, heavy processor, best graphic card etc. as luckily we are in the field of engineering and use the all software in our day to life. So we did the research and study and able to find some best computer devices for you guys. First let’s see what is CAD then we will see the computer range for CAD software.


Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer systems (or workstations) to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. CAD software is used to increase the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, improve communications through documentation, and to create a database for manufacturing.


History of CAD workstations

In old time when it was rise of machines like computers, workstation was a radically different concept from todays a standard PC. In their earliest 90’s incarnations, workstations were single-user minicomputers. As such, a machine’s computing power which was intended to support several users. but instead it was only used by just one person. Over time, manufacturers began creating dedicated single-user workstations, but whilst they came to physically resemble PCs, they were far more the 1980s had the objective of meeting the three Ms: A Megabyte of memory, a Megapixel display, and a Megaflop’s computing performance.Despite the steep cost, workstations proved invaluable for CAD professionals. Their reliability, high computing performance and support for graphics made them perfect for work on 2D drafting software and, later, 3D modelling software. PCs, meanwhile, had very limited capabilities, and were not suitable for CAD use.

Basic configuration of CAD Computer

All the CAD software are available in standard 32BIT/64BIT versions. It depends upon the software that to which OS system it supports. by the way most of the software are designed on the Microsoft windows based system. Because it is the most used and easy operating system let’s see the most basic configuration structure require for Use any CAD software.

Operating System
  • Microsoft® Windows 10
  • Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 7
CPU Type Minimum Intel Pentium4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor

For 32-bit CAD work station :

  • 2 GB (3 GB recommended)

For 64-bit CAD work station :

  • 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
Display Resolution 1024x768 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color
Display Card Windows display adapter capable of 1024x768 with True Color capabilities. DirectX® 9 or DirectX 11 compliant card recommended.
Disk Space Installation 6.0 GB
Pointing Device MS-Mouse compliant device
Browser Windows Internet Explorer/GOOGLE CHROME/
.NET Framework .NET Framework Version 4.5
  • Deployment via Deployment Wizard.
  • The license server and all workstations that will run applications dependent on network licensing must run TCP/IP protocol.
  • Either Microsoft® or Novell TCP/IP protocol stacks are acceptable. Primary login on workstations may be Netware or Windows.
  • In addition to operating systems supported for the application, the license server will run on the Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 2008 R2 Server editions.
  • Citrix® XenApp™ 6.5 FP1, Citrix® XenDesktop™ 5.6.

So guys this was some basic calculation of computer configuration, required for to run a cad software.

Types of Computers

There is so many large range of options are available in the market. But it is not necessary that all computers can fulfil the demand of you. Every software has different demand of hardware. So now the question is how to choose a best computer it’ simple you can check the requirement of hardware for to run your software. After that you can purchase the readymade computer else you can assemble your own device. now The question is what is assemble or readymade so let’s see.

• Readymade computers :

So there are so many companies available in the market who are selling all readymade devices like (Lenovo/dell/Hp) etc. but the problem is that you are bound in this range of computers in some cases it happens that you are getting required ram and hard-disk but graphic card bothers you or is something is good but any single component bother which creates hurdles in smooth functioning of software. But in some case its good and capable for you. It gives you company support & warranty which is beneficial for long run of device.

• Assembled computer :

The assembled computers are those computers which are made with manually assembling the required component. The assembled pc is too much helpful in long vison of work in assemble computers you can add or minus anything like ram hard-drive graphic card etc. according to your requirement and that would give smooth flow of work you can module your computer as per your need. And the best thing is that it would be fit in your budget. Or in future if you want to update your computer you don’t need to buy new one just by adding some new component you can update your pc. But where there is virtue there is demise. And the demise is that you won’t get any kind of warranty on your computer may you can have warranty on your component. But over all its good to assemble pc it is cheap and fulfil you’re all the requirement.

Best Computers for cad

Dell Inspiron 3250 C.P.U

  • Premium High Performance 7th Generation Intel CoreTM i3-7100 Processor (3M Cache, 3.90 GHz), Intel HD Graphics
  • 4GB Single Channel DDR4L 1600MHz (4GBx1) Memory, 1TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive || license Microsoft office 2016
  • Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD), Rear - (4) USB 2.0, Network Port, Line in/out and Microphone Port, VGA (1), HDMI out (1), DC power
  • 802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4 GHz, 1x1, Integrated 5.1 Channel with Wave MaxxAudio Pro (Windows)
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit English, Wired Keyboard & Mouse

Dell XPS X8700-3130BLK Desktop

  • 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4790 Processor (8M Cache, up to 4.0GHz)16GB Dual Channel DDR3L 1600MHz.
  • 2 TB 7200rpm Hard Drive.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 Graphics (4GB DDR3.
  • Item model number: - X8700-3130BLK
  • Series: - XPS

Lenovo Y40 Laptop Computer - 59423034 – Black

  • 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4510U Processor (3.10GHz Turbo, 2.00GHz Base 1600MHz 4MB)
  • 14.0" Full HD LED Antiglare Backlight Display (1920x1080)
  • 8.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz / Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • AMD Radeon R9 M275 2GB Graphics Card / Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160
  • Hybrid 1TB 5400 RPM+8GB SSHD / Windows 8.1 / No Optical Drive

Lenovo Ideacentre Gaming AIO Y910 27" All-in-One Desktop

  • Intel Core i5-6500 processor, 3.2GHz
  • 12GB GDDR5, 1TB 7200RPM HDD + 128GB SSD
  • 27" LED-Lit, 4K display, QHD 1440p
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics, 5W Harmon/Kardon stereo speakers
  • Windows 10

Best components for assembling of auto CAD computers

Now you’ve come to actually selecting the components that will form your CAD workstation. In this section, we’ll tell you what to look out for, and give some options suitable to different price points. So for to make CPU on an average basic level you would require the mother board, processor power supply, ram rom, hard drive, graphic card etc.



So guys so in the run of making our own pc so the first requirement is the processor because it is the master mind behind the all calculation in background and help computers to react fast and process command more easily. So somehow processor is the main component or heart of CPU so there are so many good processors are available in market but the most demanding one are the intel processor which is now available with the i9 generation so for processer its best to have intel processer. And the main thing is that before purchasing the any component it must be compatible to work with other component.


Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE Extreme Edition Processor

Intel® Core™ i9-7980XE Extreme Edition Processor

  • 24.75 MB Cache
  • 18 Cores
  • 36 Threads
  • XE - Extreme performance and mega-tasking, unlocked
  • 7th Generation
  • Price listed: - 1,799.99$


Intel® Core™ i7-7800X Processor

Intel® Core™ i7-7800X Processor

  • 8.25 MB L3 Cache
  • 6 Cores
  • 12 Threads
  • X - Extreme performance and mega-tasking, unlocked
  • 7th Generation
  • Price listed: - 299.99$


Intel® Core™ i5-7640X Processor

Intel® Core™ i5-7640X Processor

  • 6 MB Cache
  • 4 Cores
  • 4 Threads
  • X - Extreme performance and mega-tasking, unlocked
  • 7th Generation
  • Price listed: - 194.95

Mother board

So guys Your motherboard is what allows connectivity between the various components that make up your is called mother board because it provide the accesses to all the component in the CPU. As such, it’s a crucial part of your system—though it can be easy to ignore. When choosing your motherboard, some crucial stats to look out for. So mother board has the some connecting ports are following.

  • Memory slots — for connecting to RAM.
  • SATA ports — for connecting to mass storage devices.
  • Maximum addressable memory — starting from 32GB.
  • PCIe slots — for connecting to peripheral devices.


Asus PrimeB250M-plus

Asus PrimeB250M-plus

  • Intel® Socket 1151 for 7th/6th Generation CoreTM i3/Pentium®/Celeron®/CoreTM i7/CoreTM i5 Processors
  • 4 x DIMM, Max. 64GB, DDR4 2133/2400 MHz Un-buffered, Non-ECC Memory
  • Supports up to 3 displays simultaneously
  • Supports AMD CrossFireXTM Technology
  • 1 x Gigabit LAN Controller(s), Intel® I219V ASUS LAN Guard Dual interconnect between the integrated Media Access Controller (MAC) and physical layer (PHY)
  • Price: - 10,678.00


ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I Motherboard

ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I Motherboard

  • Designed exclusively for 8th generation Intel Core processors to maximize connectivity and speed with Dual M.2, USB 3.1, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN and Intel Optane Memory compatibility
  • Innovative M.2 Double-Decker Heatsink shrouds the main M.2 slot and provides shared cooling for both the M.2 and PCH;Anti-surge LANGuard
  • 5-Way Optimization with Auto-Tuning and FanXpert 4 automatically tailors overclocking profiles to your unique build for maximum OC performance and dynamic system cooling
  • Unmatched Personalization with ASUS exclusive AURA Sync RGB lighting and addressable RGB header
  • Patent-pending Safe Slot features an injection molding process that integrates metal framing for a stronger, firmly anchored PCIe slot built for heavyweight GPUs
  • Price :- 12000


Asus Rampage Extreme Motherboard


Asus Rampage Extreme Motherboard

  • USB 3.1 Add-On Card
  • Intel Core i7 processors on LGA 2011-v3 socket
  • Intel X99 Express chipset
  • OC Socket, OC Panel, Safe Boot and Retry buttons - Powerful tuning kit for breaking records
  • Extreme Engine Digi+ IV - Primo components for rock-steady power
  • Direct CU, X-Socket II, multiple thermal sensors and Fan Expert 3 - Stay even cooler
  • PCI Express 3.0 x4 M.2, dual SATA Express, 3T3R 802.11ac Wi-Fi - Unparalleled connectivity with blistering-fast transfer speeds
  • Supreme 2014, Sonic Radar II, Intel Ethernet, LANGuard, Game First III, Key Bot, RAM Disk - Hear more, banish lag, accelerate loading and control

Graphic Card

In a recent survey it is found that, 88% of mobile users and 76% of desktop users agreed that a professional graphics card is necessary for graphics-intensive work. As such, though most processors come complete with a graphics unit, a separate graphics card is still the way to go. This allows for a great FPS rate, allowing for smooth transitions when rotating, panning, or zooming. As such, it’s of particular importance when working with 3D CAD applications such as SolidWorks.

PNY NVIDIA Quadro K1200

  • Compatibility with system enclosures ranging from compact SFF desktops to traditional desk side ATX towers.
  • Up to 2x the graphics performance of competing products.
  • Large 4GB GDDR5 GPU memory capacity and memory interface is 128 bit.
  • Supports AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS advanced photorealistic rendering.
  • Superior CAD graphics performance for value line business PCs.
  • Support for four monitors including 4K displays for signage applications.
  • Highest Highest performance low-profile professional graphics board currently available low-profile professional graphics board currently available.
  • Price: - 32,435 Rs.

NVIDIA Quadro P2000

  • Chipset: NVIDIA Quadro P2000
  • Video Memory: 5GB GDDR5
  • Memory interface: 160 Bit
  • Max. Resolution: 5120 x 2880, support 4x Display monitors
  • Connectors: 4x DisplayPorts.Support up to four 5K monitors at 60Hz, or dual 8K displays per card. The P2000 supports HDR color for 4K at 60Hz for 10/12b HEVC decode and up to 4K at 60Hz for 10b HEVC encode
  • Price: - 28,795.

AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100

  • Amd Radeon Pro Wx 7100 Graphic Card - 1.19 Ghz Core - 1.24 Ghz Boost Clock - 8 Gb Gddr5 - Pci Express 3.0 X16 - Full-height - Single Slot Space Required - 256 Bit Bus Width - Crossfire Pro - Fan Cooler - Opencl 2.0, Opengl 4.5, Directx 12, Vulkan, Vulkan 1.0 - 4 X Displayport - Linux, Mac, Pc


The first factor to consider when it comes to CAD is, quite simply, how much RAM you need. CAD applications tend to be fairly RAM-hungry; AutoCAD, for example, recommends 8GB. However, if you’ve got the budget, then increasing this figure can help improve the performance of your applications and allow you to run different programs side by side.


Corsair Vengeance 8GB


Corsair Vengeance 8GB

  • Speed: 1600MHz
  • Timing: 9-9-9-24
  • Pin Out: 240-Pin
  • Voltage: 1.50V
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: - 4,290 rs.


Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit

Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit

  • Easy to install - plug-and-play functionality
  • Automatic overclocking - reach faster speeds and higher capacities just by installing the memory, no adjustments in BIOS needed
  • Cost-efficient - the perfect combination of price and DDR4 performance
  • Unique - asymmetrical, signature FURY heat spreader
  • Design - low profile, black heat spreader color and matching PCB
  • 2 pcs of 4 GB Chips
  • Compatible - tested with all popular brands of motherboards
  • Guaranteed - lifetime warranty, free technical support
  • Price :- 24,115rs


Kingston Technology 32GB RAM Kit

Kingston Technology 32GB RAM Kit

  • High Capacity - Maximize SODIMM capacity for faster gaming and improved workstation performance;Speeds :1600MHz–2400MHz
  • Plug N Play functionality - Installing HyperX Impact DDR4 is easy and hassle-free. It's plug and play and automatically overclocks to the highest frequency published, with no need to adjust BIOS settings.
  • Intel XMP Ready - HyperX DDR4 supports platforms using Intel's newest CPU technologies so you can easily overclock platforms by just selecting a profile and there's no need for manual timing adjustments in BIOS




so now after collecting all the components the thing comes is to choose the best case for to collect and fix all the component. this step gives you the chance to choose something creative which allows you to give your stamp to your computer. you can choose the best cases from market. the huge range of cases are available in the market. however, that doesn’t mean you can just purchase any case and expect it to be suitable. for starters, you’ll need to check whether your case can host your chosen motherboard. look out for the terms atx, microatx and mini-itxwhen purchasing: these refer to the size of motherboard that your case can host, in descending order of size.

Speaking of size, you’ll need to ensure that your case can actually fit onto your desk. Full-tower cases are the tallest, at around 22″; mid-tower cases stand at around 18″; mini-towers are the smallest. Your case may also already include a built-in cooling system; if not, you’ll need to invest in one.

Rosewill Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case

  • Type: MicroATX Mini Tower
  • Front I/O Ports: 2x USB, Audio Out, MIC in
  • Ideal for Intel & AMD Systems
  • 6.89" x 13.86" x 15.26" (W x H x D) (bezel included)
  • 1 x Rear 80mm Fan
  • 1 x Front 120mm Fan
  • Price: - $25.13


  • 1 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • 2 Blue LED fans for maximum cooling
  • Enough room for long VGA card installation
  • Support 120mm Liquid Cooler installation at rear
  • Support cable management
  • Price: -$49.99


So guys in this blog we saw that what a good cad workstation must have. What would be the specification and component would be required in a good cad work station. What are advantages or disadvantages and difference between the assembled and readymade pc. So by calculating this all function you can choose best cad work station.

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