PTC CREO Shortcut Keys

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PTC CREO Shortcut Keys Shortcut keys of PTC CREO February 2019 In Creo Parametric there are various ways to use tools of Creo Parametric like you can click on the tool directly, you can use ALT+key to select a tool, you can use CTRL+key to activate a tool, or you can use right-click shortcut menu. K...

Fundamental Concept of Buckling

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Fundamental Concept of Buckling Fundamental Concept of Buckling August 2020 Buckling is defined as a mode of failure under compression of a structural component that is thin with respect to its length (slenderness). Let's understand How? • Take a (Playing/Visiting) Card and hold it vertically. Apply...

Required Hardware Configuration for PTC CREO 5.0 3D Modeling Software

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Required Hardware Configuration for PTC CREO 5.0 3D Modeling Software Required Hardware Configuration for PTC CREO 5.0 March 2019 Hello friends, The System Requirements for PTC CREO Parametric are given below: System Requirements: 1. Operating System: Windows 8.1: 32-bit and 64-bit Editions of Windo...

3D Model Free Download Website

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3D Model Free Download Website Free Download Website for 3D Model Merch 2019 List of website to download 3D model for free in any format Apart from list of 3D Model Download Website, I will share List of Freelance Work Website and CAD Blog Website so you get update news to this field and related wor...

Ductile and Brittle Materials

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Ductile and Brittle Materials Ductile and Brittle Materials April 2019 Materials ability to undergo significant plastic deformation under tensile stress before rapture called ductile properties of materials. In other words if materials ductile, materials stretch under tensile load. The ductile mater...
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